Wine really is a beverage that bridges cultural divides and brings us all together. And as the world of wine gets smaller and borders become practically insignificant, the uninterrupted flow of ideas and communication across previously separated cultures results in an amelioration of quality and the availability of incredible bottles at amazing prices. Vis De Varã aims to show that there is so much left to explore, so many great wines to taste, and they don’t all have to be grapes you’ve heard of. But most of all, prices don’t have to be high for you to enjoy great white wines at the table, wines that tell a story of majestic vineyards, of artisanal winemaking, and of sunny California skies.


While not encountered every day, single varietal Colombard has the potential to make fascinating wines, such as this joy in a bottle. Vis De Varã is textured and beautifully expressive, with citrus, herb spice and mineral notes on the nose. Light bodied and elegant, firm and direct with a racy acidic backbone, our French Colombard features orange, nectarine, melon and dried herb flavors on the palate and finishes with a brisk lemony jolt, along with a lingering essence of minerality.



Goat cheese salad, creamy parsnip soup, chef salad, sushi, ceviche, gruyere cheese.


Colombard is best known for it’s role as the backbone of one of the world’s most famous beverages – Cognac. While rarely seen on a wine label in France, Colombard is nonetheless one of that country’s most planted wine grapes, and it’s ability to build flavor quickly at low alcohol levels and hold on to it’s vital acidity in warm climates make it an ideal candidate for distillation. Those same traits were identified by the pioneers of California viticulture as perfect for the Golden State’s climate and soils, and Colombard became quickly one of it’s most planted grape varieties.

Unfortunately for Colombard, a vast majority of the bottlings that put California on the map as a fine wine powerhouse in the 1970’s did not put the grape names on the bottle, but that did not stop Colombard from continuing to be planted and adored by the state’s winemakers. Today, with the rise in interest from the American wine consumer about the source of their wines and the grapes used in their production, Colombard is seeing a renaissance in interest and experimentation with single-vineyard bottlings and a number of different styles produced. Vis De Varã is proud to be along for the ride, providing you with a taste of the past and the future of California wine – Colombard.





VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 100% French Colombard

WINEMAKING PROCESS: For more than 150 years, California winemakers have been working with Colombard, and the consensus is that the best versions are focused on pure fruit expression, a lively disposition and a lighter style. Vis De Varã is harvested early, at the peak of freshness, cold fermented and aged in stainless steel to produce the clean, crisp, fruity style that we think Colombard does best.

ALCOHOL: 11.5%

pH: 3.4