Lodi Cabernet’s time has come. While most people associate this legendary grape variety with Napa – and rightly so, as the wines are internationally renowned and cost a fortune – it is actually Lodi that is home to a majority of California’s Cabernet vineyards. The reason why is simple – this lovely inland region boasts a climate that is ideal for the production of elegant, balanced Cabernet wines. With consistently warm temperatures and refreshing breezes emanating from the Sacramento River delta, Lodi is blessed with all of the viticultural elements needed to produce consistently ripe, fresh Cabernets. The Lady In Red Lodi Cabernet is an elegant expression of this jewel of a wine region, hidden in plain sight.


Surprisingly aromatic, The Lady In Red opens with striking red berry fruit aromas along with hints of earth and savory herbs. All the elements that make Lodi such a special place for growing grapes come together effortlessly in the glass, where our Lodi Cabernet displays the elegance that is possible in this beautiful region. The palate shows a deep core of red fruit – cherry, berry and plum, enshrouded by notes of freshly tilled earth and mint. Finishes with fine tannins and a lingering note of pipe tobacco and thyme.



Ham, roast turkey, burgers, stuffed Portabella mushrooms, green bean casserole, aged Cheddar cheese.


Lodi is undergoing a quality renaissance, and its wines, currently value-priced, undiscovered gems, will not stay that way for long. One of the first regions of California to be planted to wine, it’s lack of access to a large market proved difficult for Lodi to garner recognition in comparison to other winegrowing areas closer to the metropolitan centers of San Francisco and Los Angeles. For years, Lodi grapes would be used to produce generically-labeled California wine, which despite the critical role these wines played in elevating the reputation of the state’s wine in general, never gave credit to the vineyards where the grapes were grown.

All of that is changing, however, and this transformation is happening rapidly! Lodi is now a haven for young winemakers who are attracted by the region’s viticultural potential and relatively affordable land prices. For them, it is standard practice to not only give credit to Lodi on their wine labels, but efforts are currently underway to subdivide the region into different viticultural zones. This deeper exploration of terroir will serve to further distinguish the region’s potential by delineating the particular micro-climates where individual grapes thrive. It is an exciting time for Lodi, and we are duly thrilled to present to you a taste of this region and its massive potential as an exciting destination for sensational Cabernet wines.



APPELLATION: Lodi, California


VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

WINEMAKING PROCESS: Lady In Red is harvested and de-stemmed completely, allowing us greater control over the fermentation and extraction processes, in the goal of expressing purity and elegance in our Lodi Cabernet. Fermentation and aging takes place in a mix of stainless steel and oak, smoothing out Lady In Red’s tannins and building depth in the finished wine.

ALCOHOL: 13.24%

pH: 3.83