Despite being one of the most widely planted white wine grapes in the world, Chardonnay suffers from an image problem. Indeed, Chardonnay possesses the rare ability to capably transmit to the glass the place it’s grown and the method of its production. It is, however, the very transparency that makes Chardonnay so special that also renders it a stylistic chameleon, responsible for perhaps a greater range of wine styles than any other grape. The Lodi expression of Chardonnay, transmitted to the wine through the warm temperatures, deep, sandy soils and long growing season, is a deep, richly flavored, fruit-forward glass that is both immensely satisfying and remarkably complex. Poppy Meadow is a forward, fresh and stylish take on Chardonnay, a grape that both defies description but rewards consumption!


Light yellow-gold in the glass, Poppy Meadow shimmers with radiant energy. The aromas are warm and inviting, with white flowers, tropical and stone fruit on the nose, as well as a honeyed tone. Melon, peach and toasted nut flavors on the palate are joined by a kiss of vanilla, adding depth and complexity. Poppy Meadow is round and fleshy in texture, with a generous disposition and a long, supple finish that ends a jolt of bright lemon.



Butternut squash soup, whole fish roasted with lemon, creamy cheeses such as Brie, ravioli in a butter sauce, cheese pizza, pork chops.


Virtually everything grows well in Lodi. One of the things that make wine grapes so magical is their ability to transmit not only the flavors of the earth in which they are grown to the wine, but also the taste of their environment. It’s as though you can sense all of the Lodi region’s agricultural bounty in every glass of Poppy Meadow – succulent cherry blossoms, tangy almonds, juicy peaches…

Along with it’s optimal climate, Lodi’s unique soils play a huge part in determining the character of the wines produced there. The ground under the vines is deep, fine and sandy, allowing them to push their roots deep in search of water and nutrients. This allows for the expression of real character in Lodi wines – deep, structured, complex. This ideal terroir, agricultural heritage and pride of place are what make Poppy Meadow so special – a Chardonnay drinker’s Chardonnay.



APPELLATION: Lodi, California



WINEMAKING PROCESS: The Lodi terroir lends itself to a rich, expressive style of Chardonnay, and our job is to allow for this natural tendency to express itself in every bottle of Poppy Meadow. To this end, in the cellar we rely on traditional, tried-and-true techniques to ensure that every bottle tells the Lodi story as eloquently as possible – cool, gentle fermentation and aging on the lees in oak. Winemaking doesn’t have to be complicated when the raw materials are of superior quality!

ALCOHOL: 13.9%

pH: 4.03