Courageous in the vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon requires a certain ferocity to withstand the summer heat of Eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley region, earning its reputation as king of red grapes. Cabernet isn’t easy to tame in the winery, but once a good relationship is established with a brave winemaker, the grape’s savage tannins are tamed, becoming soft and approachable. And, when finally the Lion Hearted Cab is presented to astonished guests, it purrs like a kitty, showing a plump, warm side rarely seen in the wild.


Lion Hearted is stunningly beautiful in the glass, a saturated dark red wine with gorgeous ruby tones. The nose is classic Cabernet black fruits, chocolate, cedar and herbs. Lion Hearted is surprisingly smooth, with ripe and harmonious flavors of wild blackberry, cassis, bakers chocolate and exotic spices. Lion Hearted is a wine of finesse and soul, relaxed and easy going yet sophisticated and suave.



Pizza, pepper steak, blue cheese, winter stews, hearty roasted vegetable tart, ziti with tomato / basic sauce.


Washington’s wine industry is thriving. After decades of prodigious growth, more than a thousand wineries work with almost 100 different varieties to produce any and every style of wine. Yet despite all the meteoric growth and unprecedented change, one thing remains the same – Cabernet Sauvignon is responsible for some of the most well-known, best-acclaimed and sought-after wines in the state.

Today, Cabernet is Washington’s most-planted grape variety, and many winemakers will tell you that this legendary grape variety is the most perfectly adapted to the soils, topography and weather of the region. Washington Cabernet is unique in its ability to present a New World style exuberance of fruit supported by an Old World structure and savory complexity. With Lion Hearted, we celebrate Washington’s brave, bold, courageous wine pioneers, who first realized the potential for the Columbia Valley to produce world class Cabernet, and every glass that you lift to your lips, is a glass raised in homage to them.



APPELLATION: Columbia Valley, Washington


VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

WINEMAKING PROCESS: As we approach the end of the growing season, the Lion Hearted team is out in the vineyards daily, sampling the grapes and paying close attention to certain maturation indicators that tell them when to harvest the grapes. When all the signs are there – sugar levels, color, tannin and flavor development, the decision is made to pick the grapes immediately. After harvest, the fruit is de-stemmed, fermented in stainless steel, and oak-aged in order to realize the potential that the pristine Cabernet fruit showed when still on the vine.

ALCOHOL: 13.8%

pH: 3.88